“energy from the city to the city”


The innovative turbine (TURBOWIND) combines the use of two types of vertical axes turbines: resistance (Savonius) or lift (Darrieus). The Savonius and Darrieus rotors are mounted on two different coaxial shafts with an innovative electromagnetic friction, capable of coupling or decoupling both rotors from each another. Another innovation is the development of the control system with proprietary algorithms to ensure maximum power production of both rotor types responding more efficiently and faster to the turbulent and gusty wind conditions, typical of the urban environments


EOS’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • Improve design skills
  • Meet development and programming experts


WPE Research & Development

WPE Research & Development focus is on the energetic transition carbon-free by means of devices based on the wind energy production. The high level of expertise of the founding partners allows consultancy in the electrical engineering, mechanical, computer, business analysis and BPI areas. The remarkable technical skills of the team and the lean working allow this group to face the difficult problems related to the development of the product as outlined in the proposal. Additional experience has been sought in the academic world and in the private wind power industries (University of Trento, University of Padova, ABB Corporate, NSM Italia, …).

Url: https://www.wpe-rd.com/

RED S.r.l.

Its core activity is energy efficiency improvements in buildings, diagnosis and surveying, renewable energy installations, low enthalpy geothermal systems in particular. R.E.D. is expert in the development of sensors, purpose built sensing devices and monitoring systems. RED develop monitoring systems for environmental control (indoor and outdoor), energy consumption and energy auditing RED is active in refurbishment of building, energy auditing, energy certification, dynamic simulations (TRNSYS,.. ), conceptualization and design of renewable energy plant. RED has been partner in several FP7 and one Horizon 2020 collaborative research projects

Url: https://red-srl.com/

Meet the team

Marco Rizzolo

Chief Financial Officer

Economics degree, business project expertise and expert of staff management.

Valerio Rizzolo

Research and Development

Master degree in computer science, design and development of new solution for the process digitization.

Luc Pockelé

Co-founder of Wpe s.r.l.

Belgian electromechanical engineer, running RED s.r.l. focusing.

Anna De Checchi


Economics degree, in the project devoted the market research and management control.

Dario Pozzobon


Economics degree, administration, finance and control.