INSILICO: INSILICO – a bio-platform for true plastics circularity

The project is working on engineered enzymes to safely turn plastic waste into raw materials for new high-quality plastic – with lower resource requirements and emissions, at competitive prices.


INSILICO’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • Structure, know-how and networking to bring the technology to demo-readiness: develop the business plan and iterate on the technology.



Biotechnology team working on plastic depolymerization technologies


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Alter Labs

Social enterprise focused on promoting sustainability through circular design


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Meet the team

Andrii Shekhirev

MSc Management and Finance; coordination, business development

Aleksejs Kolpakovs

MSc Innovation Management; cross-functional leadership, finance

Alise Pizika

MBA. BA Public Relations sustainability and circular strategy

Inga Berkovica

MSc Human Decision Science; marketing and communications

Janis Liepins

PhD Microbiology and Biotechnology; microbial growth and metabolism

Elina Dace

PhD Environmental Engineering; plastics circularity