“Maritime Decarbonisation”

N-Bunker: Maritime decarbonisation via smarter ship bunker operations.

A digital platform to optimise bunker schedules and facilitate circularity in the vessel fuel planning.


N-Bunker’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • To learn from DigiCirc mentors and boost N-Bunker's development, reaching the market-read stage earlier.


Navozyme Maritime Technologies S.L

Navozyme is a technology scaleup that has developed some of the world’s first blockchain-enabled platforms
that facilitate the secure, real-time interchange of data for critical maritime processes. Navozyme’s mission is to enhance lives & to facilitate decarbonisation, via innovative technology solutions that promote circularity, and raise the safety, productivity, and reputation of the global maritime industry.

Url: https://navozyme.com/

Social Media:

linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/navozyme

Alfaship Shipping Agency S.L

Alfaship is a shipping agency with 30+ years of experience delivering efficient bunker agency services in the Canary Islands and Gibraltar Straits. From the Bunkering Agency Hub in Las Palmas, Alfaship centralizes, monitors, and coordinates 12 offices based in the most important ports in Spain and West Africa.

Url: https://www.alfaship.com/

Social Media:

linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/alfashipgroup/

Meet the team

Anjaney Borwankar

Co-Founder & Chief Executive of Navozyme. Former seafarer and a seasoned entrepreneur. Anjan currently leads several maritime digital transformation initiatives project) globally, usually via a consortia approach. He has created several ventures from the idea stage upwards. Anjan will take the overall lead for the N-Bunker project.

Antonio Castañeda

Managing Director of Alfaship based in Tenerife. He brings to the project 20+ years of ship agency and bunkering services’ experience.

Iryna Krasnikava

Commercial Manager of Alfaship in charge of the Canary Islands and Gibraltar Strait areas. Deep expertise in Offshore and Shipping agency services.

Cristina de Lorenzo-Cáceres

Chief Quality Officer at Alfaship. Cristina has a deep knowledge of her company’s activities and procedures related to bunkering services.

Captain Jitesh Jaipuriyar

Co-Founder & President of Navozyme. He has over 25+ years of experience in the shipping industry and operates a small fleet of bulk carriers.

Daniel Visa Schmidt

Representative of Navozyme in Spain. Partner of Riera Roura, a company dedicated to the trade, import and distribution of agri-food bulk. Dani has strong relationships with the Spanish logistics and maritime sector.

Xavi Hidalgo

CTO of Navozyme with deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. Experience leading small teams to bigger teams of up to 2000 developers. Former CTO of Lazada Group (bought over by Alibaba for over 1B$).

Elisenda Ventura

 Junior Manager

Maritime Associate at Navozyme. Project lead with knowledge of Maritime, Blockchain technology, Agile methodology and UI/UX design. Elisenda will assist with the project management, implementation, and product
development aspects.

Aniket Mavlankar

Technology Associate at Navozyme. Linux Foundation Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator (CHFA). 4 years + experience as Full Stack Developer with exposure to
deep learning AI.