One-stop partner for implementing fashion resale and take-back systems under your own brand name.


OKRET’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • New insights and business knowledge, guidance throughout the starting process, network expansion


Sarko comm. v.

Url: www.sarko.be

Social Media:

instagram: https://instagram.com/sarko.be?utm_medium=copy_link

Cubes d.o.o.

Url: www.cubes.rs

Social Media:

instagram: https://instagram.com/cubesschool?utm_medium=copy_link

Maatroom di Giulia Soldà

Url: www.maatroom.com

Social Media:

instagram: https://instagram.com/maatroom?utm_medium=copy_link

Meet the team

Sara Kovic

founder sarko,  sustainability and innovation

Advises fashion brands in developing a sustainability strategy and sustainability-oriented innovation in fashion value chains, integrating the circular economy, converting overall CSR policy into practice.

Miodrag Lapcevic

founder Cubes

Miodrag Lapcevic is the owner of a Belgrade-based IT company, developing various software types and providing IT support. He is responsible for: re-commerce and overall software development, hosting, IT support.

Giulia Soldà

founder MAATROOM

Giulia Soldà is the owner of a Turin-based fashion brand MAATROOM. Giulia is responsible for creative direction, visual content creation, stock provision for pilot project.