OurkilO: REbooting Products LocAlly

OurkilO creates circular 3D printed, affordable & customizable design furniture and appliances for local markets through a blockchain enables material-as-a-service model.


OurkilO’s expectation from the acceleration programme is to:

Get support in developing their proposition, narrative and the components in order to become market-ready.


In4Art BV

European responsible innovation venturing SME.

Url: https://www.in4art.eu/

Social Media:
instagram @in4art

Phygital Studio

Dutch additive manufacturing design SME.

Url: https://www.in4art.euwww.phygital.studio/

Social Media:
instagram @phygital.studio 

Meet the team


Rodolfo Groenewoud

Marketing and business model leader

PMsc Innovation Management (RSM), co-founder In4Art.


Lija van Vliet

R&D leader

Msc Innovation Management (RSM), co-founder In4Art.


Bastiaan de Nennie

Design leader

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, founder of Phygital Studio.