SWAM: Shellfish WAste Management platform

SWAM will develop a comprehensive business plan over the life of the project that will lay down the strategy required to commercially deploy the limpet waste management solution previously developed by the consortium


SWAM’s expectation from the acceleration programme is to:

Get support in developing a comprehensive commercial deployment business plan in order to exploit the waste management solution developed



INOVA DE started its activity in late 2013 as an individual consulting and R&D specialized company in software solutions in various areas. Projects in which Inova DE pursues include software for various medical applications, as well increasingly industrial areas. We collaborate primarily with companies to market joint development.

Url: https://inova-de.eu/

Go Limpets

Go Limpets is a Madeira-based company that researches the life cycle of limpets while also commercializing live seafood in Madeira Island (Portugal). The company began producing limpets in 2018, with the goal to resell them in the regional, national and international market.

Url: https://go-limpets.pt/

Meet the team


Vitor Vieira

 Project manager

Electrical engineer, PhD in Medical Robotics, entrepreneur since 2014, mentor of EIT Health, awarded in 2017 as entrepreneur of the year by the AEP Foundation and the high commissioner for Portuguese immigrants.​


Alfredo Silva

Developer of the business plan

A senior consultant with extensive experience in project management, 20+ European and national R&D project participations and coordination in several fields, including ICT, Energy, and Health.


Hélder Oliveira

Digital expert

5+ years of experience in Web Development including developing mobile Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) in the past 3 years.​


Bruno Bento

One of the main contributors for the business plan

Technical Marketing and Communication degree, four years of experience in distribution management for the food industry and as technical assistant.


Sara Vieira

One of the main contributors for the business plan

Master’s in Veterinary Medicine, training in food safety and control, implementation and verification of HACCP systems,​ three years’ experience in animal care.​


Paulo Henriques

Scientific expert

Master in biodiversity and conservation, research focused on the biology and ecology of marine molluscs, PhD student in Biological Sciences since 2016. Maintaining and producing limpets since 2016.