DigiChar: Boosting the cross-sector usage of biochar with an adaptable digital solution

We digitize the biochar supply chain to enable CO 2 certificate generation in the Global South and enhance transparency within the construction industry.


DigiChar’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • Inspiration on digital solutions within the bioeconomy sphere
  • exchange and networking
  • expert consulting on feasibility and realizing proof of concept

Meet the team

Henrike Röse

Marketing & sustainability lead @Carbon Instead

Product Owner of DigiChar, Project Management

Priya Bullar

COO & Co-founder @Planboo, Sustainability

Role on the project, Project Management

Murtaza Akhtar

Research & Development, Technical product analysis @ Carbon Instead

Role on the project: Technical Product development of DigiCirc

Julia Roth

CEO @Carbon Instead, Founder, business development & finances

Role on the project: strategic input

Marc Hernandez Folguera

CTO & Co-founder @Planboo, Product Management

Role on the project: technical product management

Freddie Catlow

CEO & Co-founder @Planboo, Bamboo specialist

Role on the project: strategic input