About Digicirc

How can DigiCirc help me?

DigiCirc will design and implement 3 intensive, market-driven accelerators programmes that will support the scaling and demonstration of 45 high-potential innovations. The beneficiaries will be provided with:

(i) support for access to follow-up funding to empower commercialisation and scaling, including investability training by FST and assisted access to exploit the F6S platform (which annually delivers >€2B to SMEs), and,

(ii) IP training and direct support provided during and after physical trainings by a law firm dedicated to IP issues and data ownership (ARL),

(iii) financial grant of €100k to 5 consortia with the most promising commercialisation/demonstration plans as judged by a deck of experts (domain, business, and CE); and,

(iv) visibility and promotion by being showcased and pitching at the DigiCirc DemoDays to which the consortium will attract industry actors and investors.


How does DigiCirc Accelerator Programme works?

DigiCirc will have 3 accelerator programmes, based on the 3 domains of Circular Cities, Bioeconomy and Blue Economy. Each accelerator will have 2 phases, the 1st phase aiming to develop a value proposition and business plan, while identifying, through 1-on-1 mentorship and systemic design modelling, gaps in knowledge, market access, expertise, equipment, etc. needed to further develop and/or enable commercialisation. The DigiCirc Innovation Ecosystem will be leveraged through a matchmaking tool to help SMEs create complementary consortia, meeting SME capacity gaps, and enabling large scale demonstration.

The 2nd stage will spark consortia’s potential by closely working on solutions’ market potential and go-to-market strategies, as well by providing financial and knowledge-based support to speed up MVP improvements.

During both phases, accelerator beneficiaries will have free access and specific support to use all DigiCirc digital tools and IP services, preparing for and initiating LSD.


What is the official language of the DigiCirc Accelerator?

English is the official language for DigiCirc Open Calls. Submissions done in any other language will not be evaluated. English is also the only official language during the whole execution of the DigiCirc programme. This means any requested submission of deliverable will be done in English to be eligible.


What kind of projects is DigiCirc looking for?

DigiCirc is looking for innovative digitalized solutions based on circular economy principles in the thematic areas of Circular Cities, Bioeconomy, or Blue Economy.


How does the funding mechanism work?

The aid provided is relying on a cascade-funding scheme involving H2020 funds. The scheme is based on a Grant Agreement signed by the European Commission and the DigiCirc Consortium partners. The Consortium partners as such receive the H2020 funds which are then transferred to the winners of our open calls based on the rules and regulations explained in the Guidelines for Applicants that will be available at our website. This means that funds that will be received by the call winners are H2020 funds.


While preparing your application

Who is eligible to apply to the DigiCirc Programme?

The DigiCirc Programme will fund the integration of Startups and SMEs as defined in EU law: EU recommendation 2003/361115. Each of these must be established in an EU Member State or in an Associated Country. EU Member State & Associated Country – read the eligibility criteria here

SMEs – read the eligibility criteria here

How do I apply?

The F6S platform is the sole entry point for all application submissions to the DigiCirc programme. In order to apply, please register first and fill in the respective DigiCirc open call Application Form.
Submissions received by any other channel will be automatically discarded.

Can I submit several projects?

No. Only one proposal is admitted by Consortium. Thus, an SME can only participate in one consortium.

I discovered an error in my application/proposal – can I submit it again?

Yes. If you discover an error in your proposal you can at any time – provided the call deadline has not expired – submit a new version of your proposal in F6S platform for the DigiCirc programme. Only the last version received before the call deadline will be considered in the evaluation. For this purpose, you are required to send an email to support@f6s.com requesting to reopen your application. Since this procedure takes some time, we recommend making it with time and not in the last days before the deadline.

Is subcontracting allowed?

Subcontracted consultations and external expertise is allowed if they are not provided by DigiCirc project partners and not available in the accelerator.

Are those applications only for SMEs?

Yes, the applications are only for SMEs.

Can a public administration participate in our proposal?

If a consortium already has 2 SMEs, the 3rd partner can be a different type of organization. Please note that if the 3rd organization is not an SME/start-up, it will not receive funding. Funding is only for SMEs & Start-ups.

What is cross-border and cross-sector cooperation?

Cross-border is the cooperation between SMEs from different countries while cross-sector is the one which involves SMEs from different sectors, activities, fields of expertise etc.

Do the SMEs have to be based in different EU member states/associated states or is it also possible that they are from the same country?

The Consortium can be composed by SMEs from the same country, but from different sectors of activities. For DigiCirc project cross-sector collaboration is mandatory, and a cross-border collaboration is encouraged but we accept consortia with SMEs from the same country.

Cross-sector vs Cross-border, what is mandatory and what no?

Cross-sector is mandatory and cross-boarded positively encouraged

Is it obligatory to pre-register to the matchmaking tool?

No, it is not obligatory to pre-register to the matchmaking tool

Now in what phase are we?

We are at phase 0.

Selected Participants

When are we going to receive the payment?

Generally, there will be no pre-financing, but payments will be divided through milestones/achievements across the different phases. All detailed information about the respective milestones/achievements per each phase can be found on the Annex 2: Guideline for Applicants.

Do I have to keep track of my expenses for justifying the costs?

The expenses during the accelerator should be recorded in case a justification is required, especially for the second phase of the accelerator.

To whom will the fundingbe given? To the Consortium as a whole or to each partner individually?

The funding will be given to the consortium as a whole.

Is there a specific legal form for the consortia?

Yes, there is a specific legal form/template that SMEs need to fill in, signed and submit along with their respective proposal application. The name of that specific template is Annex 6: Consortium Declaration of Honor, and can be found here: