DigiCirc is an innovation support programme that accelerates innovation by identifying cutting-edge circular economy solutions and by promoting business development and start-up growth.

Who can apply

Consortium of at least two cross-border and/or cross-sector SMEs (including natural persons and companies that comply with the Commission Recommendation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)) based in Member States or H2020 associated countries.

3 DigiCirc accelerator

At least 90 funded SMEs

€ 2.4 M total for SME teams

15 teams per programme

€ 800k per programme

12 weeks of implementation per programme

Accelerator Programmes

DigiCirc will organise 3 Accelerator Programmes throughout 2020-2022, with €2.4 million committed in cascade funding for SMEs, namely: Circular Cities, Bioeconomy and Blue Economy.

For more information on the Accelerator Programme see here!