iFastComp: Intelligent Bioremediation for Fast Composting

iFastComp project aims to develop new analytical equipment supported with Artificial Intelligent (AI) based in integrated biosensor technology, which makes possible automated monitoring of critical parameters of interest to society in the areas of bioremediation in order to optimise the process and apply the compost properly.


iFastComp’s expectations from the acceleration programme:

  • To reach the market sooner with a competitive product



ARTECS is an SME located in Ankara, founded in 2013 as a technology, R&D and special production company. ARTECS carries out its activities in the field of artificial intelligence, assisted control and automation systems, and optimization studies, plasma gasification, cold plasma in Ankara University Technopolis Area offering collaborations with universities’ academic personnel and research establishment from inside and outside of the country.

Url: http://ar-tecs.com/en/

Social Media:

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYO76Q8qaedYXGae9T_RKhg/featured

Water Online Analysis Europe S.L

Water Online Analysis Europe S.L. was established in 2007, placed in Moncofa, Castellón, Spain. WOLA´s main activity is the development of automated analytical devices based on Biosensor Technology with the scope of satisfying special needs for monitorization of biochemical, chemical and microbiological parameters in water, environment and biotechnology. WOLA is specialized in the establishment of analytical strategies and in the design and development of automated biosensors. WOLA is a subsidiary company of Biosensores S.L, continuing its activities on designing and developing EU funded projects.

Url: https://www.biosensores.com/

Social Media:

facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Biosensores-SL-Water-Online-Analysis-Europe-SL-101707275017950/

linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/water-online-analysis/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/biosensores_wola/

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChSOzXWHausWB9nRj7Q32QA

Meet the team

T. Yaşar Katırcıoğlu

Coordinator. PhD level chemical engineer and experience in project management over 30 years.

Teófilo Díez-Caballero Arnau

PhD & MD. Researcher and WP management. Biosensors Development

Ender Eylenceoğlu

PhD student in Physics, Researcher. Control systems, circuit design and test equipment usage experience

Babak Taeb

Master’s in bioelectrical engineering, Researcher. Machine learning (ML) and deep learning, software, signal processing

Sadık Özdemir

Mechanical engineer, Researcher. AI, ML deep learning algorithms, computer vision, image processing, statistics, and optimisation

Berkay Dur

Mechanical engineer, Researcher

Yağmur Örs

Agricultural engineer, Researcher

Aida Román Ribes

Industrial Design Engineering. Biosensor and Control System development

Nuria Pérez Server

Electronics Engineering. Sensors, automation and process control development

Artur Puchalt Martí

Master’s in biotechnology. Researcher and Biotechnology development.