iReCirc: Intelligent Universal Circular Solutions for the recovery and reuse of nutrients and water from food processing wastewater

A mobile unit for the circular usage of water through wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery, integrating a DSS system.


iReCirc’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • Get fully functional, AI-enhanced prototype, validated at a real environment, programmes
  • Go from TRL 5 to TRL 8-9
  • Develop a business plan based on a PaaS business model
  • Define a realistic Go-to-Market strategy
  • Seek financing for scale-up and market entry


Greener than Green Technologies

GtG is active in R&D and marketing of water and wastewater remediation technologies and methodologies for the circular usage of water, providing valuable tools for the transition of industries and communities towards a circular economy model.


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UBITECH is a highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider, which, among others, performs applied research in the areas of Big Data and Analytics; Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things; Knowledge Management; Intelligent Systems; Energy Efficiency; Factories of the Future. The consortium has extensive participation in relevant EU-funded research programs, including: 1) SUBSOL (H2020–642228, GtG, UBITECH), 2) UPTIME (H2020-768634, UBITECH), where, as a technical coordinator delivered IoT data processing services and ML for predictive maintenance, 3) ENTROPY (H2020-649849, UBITECH) 4)ULTIMATE (H2020– 869318, GtG)


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Meet the team


Dimitri Iossifidis

Process monitoring and systems design

Chemist, B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO at Greener than Green Technologies, Project leader.


Christophoros Christophoridis

Process Specialist

Chemist, B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D., Co-founder & R&D Director at Greener than Green Technologies, with research experience in the academic sector, in the fields of water treatment technologies.


Myrto-Foteini Touloupi

Application Specialist

Chemist, B.Sc. M.Sc., with extensive expertise in the fields of chemistry, water treatment technologies, advanced oxidative processes and prototyping.

Iosif Angelidis

Research associate and s/w development

Education: MSc, s/w engineer and researcher specialized in NLP, Neural networks and Deep Learning.

Danai Vergeti

Technical manager

Education: MSc, s/w engineer, head of the Knowledge and Intelligent Computing Unit in UBITECH, specialized in Data Mining, Knowledge Management and Semantic Analysis.

Dimitris Ntalaperas

Technical architect

Education: MSc, s/w engineer, technical lead of the Knowledge and Intelligent Computing Unit in UBITECH, specialized in ML and DL, IoT, Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems.