“Sulphur limit remote sensing”

SOx-CAP: Sulphur limit remote sensing.

An autonomous pollution monitoring service for enforcement authorities who want to perform their compliance responsibilities in the most effective and efficient way


SOx-CAP’s expectations from the acceleration programme are to:

  • Coaching and networking. Accelerate us to the next step.


Marine Hound Ltd

Marine Hound is a start-up created to develop and commercialize the Sulphur limit remote sensing technology, globally. Marine Hound will offer the Measurement as a Service.


Gasera OY

Gasera designs and develops patented high-end gas analysis technology for reducing air pollution globally.


Meet the team


lng. Nicholas Borg Calleja

Engineering and Entrepreneurship degree from University of Malta Founder & CEO of Marine Hound Ltd Project Coordinator. Business & solution development.


Dr. Ismo Kauppinen

PhD in Physics